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Get the rss feed of a Google search.

Paul Anthony / May 17, 2009

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Ever wondered how you might get an RSS feed of a Google search? Well, its pretty simple to be honest – and enables a whole plethora of options for reputation management – especially when combined with a Google search. So how do you get the data? Well it is a relatively underused feature of Google alerts. Instead of sending the alert to an email address, you can now send it to a feed.

1) Login to Google alerts

Select delivery to a feed for your terms:


2).  Select the feed icon to send to your feed reader.


You can see from this alert that I’m setting up a feed for the people who favourite my Tweets. See Justin Park’s post on what terms you need to punch into Google to do that, although this may take a bit of time to come through, it adds another string in the bow to my DIY reputation monitor – as i’ll be able to see which tweets people favourite around my brand / name.  If you want to do the same – simply change the name of Twitter account to your own rather than @webireland.

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3 responses to “Get the rss feed of a Google search.

  1. These are all useful searches, but when using the link: operator to track inbound links, it is better to add -site:yoururl.com. This will exclude links from your own site. This means that the two searches above should be rewritten as:
    link:blog.webdistortion.com -site:blog.webdistortion.com
    link:webdistortion.com -site:webdistortion.com

    Another alert search term I’d recommend is:

    This will notify of any site that Google thinks is similar to yours based on links and keywords. When you do get a match, you can use link:url.com -site:url.com for those related sites to see who links to them. Anyone linking to a similar site to yours is a good candidate to try and create a link to your site.

    This Google Alerts tutorial will fill you on on a lot more tricks on this type:


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