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7 internet marketing articles you really should have read

Paul Anthony / December 3, 2009

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Ever blogger / marketer knows that you are what you read. The single greatest way you can learn and grow at anything in life is to take what others know and build upon that knowledge. I’ve collected what I consider some of the best articles from online marketers from around the web – including some which have been written some time ago. I’d consider these must read material for anyone running any kind of business online.

Filthy Linking Rich


Written in 2004 by Mike Grehan, this (hefty) article perfectly describes the ecology of link patterns on the web – and everything that is wrong with how things are in terms of search marketing today. If you are still failing to grasp why a “popular” site has more chance of remaining popular and far outranking its competition, this one is well worth a read. It also helps to explain why getting the first 1000 subscribers to a blog or website are the hardest.

How I made a million in 3 months


For anyone inclined to daydream about a Web business that would all but run itself, Markus Frind operates PlentyofFish.com out of his apartment in Vancouver, British Columbia, and he says he has net profits of about $10 million a year. Markus left a bit of a blueprint / how-to guide on Webmasterworld years ago which contains some of his thinking behind the sites success. A lot of it is common sense, but still interesting none the less.

Successful Site in 12 Months with Google Alone


Brett Tabke is the owner of webmasterworld’s forums. This post is a meaty guide on how to build a site that really generates traffic. No fluff. Webmasterworld remains one of the largest forums on the net, and this guide is absolutely essentially reading for anyone looking to grow their site online. Again its an oldie but a goodie, and both bloggers and business owners can learn something (still) from this post.

How to get traffic for your blog


Seth Godin needs no introduction. I’m a big fan of his stuff, and his writing style is succinct and clearer than anyone on the web. He always manages to deliver a “thought for the day” that leaves you with a different perspective or viewpoint. Funnily enough this is one of the few posts that doesn’t do that, but its comprehensive enough to warrant inclusion on this list of must reads.

The secret to building a popular blog


Dosh Dosh is an internet marketing blog, that keeps it real. You can tell that there’s passion there.  I love this article because its written with effort, isn’t your average list post and contains some real snippets of information that are useful.

5 content strategies that top bloggers use, and 3 things that sets them apart.


SkellieWag does a comparitive summary on some of the webs top bloggers and highlights their writing styles and methodology about how they do things. This is useful to see as it lets you analyse your own writing style, and decide where you fit into it all. I’ve done something similar with one of my posts “what type of blogger are you?

How to build a high traffic blog or website.


Alot of Steve’s stuff is great and clearly requires some effort to create. There’s nothing I admire more than someone who truly puts in the effort, and reaps the reward. This is not your average karaoke blogger. I’d highly recommend that if you are looking to monetise your site to take a look at his how to make money from your blog post as well if you haven’t already seen it.

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