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Twitter running on App Engine?

Paul Anthony / February 3, 2010

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Just received a pretty interesting Google alert this morning for – my Twitter account. I’m pretty sad when it comes to this stuff, however every once in a while in turns up something interesting. Anyway, the alert in question gave out this URL – which looks to be an exact copy of my Twitter account, except on another domain.


Its live, and up-to-date –


I’ve yet to confirm whether this account is actually connected to Twitter, and Paul Watson pointed out quite rightly that it may be an elaborate phishing attack. Please don’t try signing in until we know more.

Update 2.

Testing with some of the URL’s such as www.twitter.com/twitter101/ – which traditionally redirects to http://business.twitter.com/twitter101/ – works exactly the same way with the appspot domain. i.e. http://blah.appspot.com/twitter101 – also redirects. Phishing scams seldom go to those sort of lengths.

http://7920074.appspot.com/statuses/replies.rss – also gives me back RSS results.

Update 3.

A few people suggested this may be a Birdnest install http://url.ie/4v5d – however I’m not clued in enough with that to pass judgement.

For those geeks among you, you’ll recognise the appspot domain as being part of Google’s architecture. Looks like they are providing some of the infrastructure Twitter need to remain stable, on the App Engine platform, and undoubtedly this was provided as part of the recent deal done with Google (and Microsoft).

I’ve yet to notice any part of Microsoft giving hardware support in this way, and they’ve probably just accepted App Engine as the help they need to grow. In recent months I’ve noticed Twitter falling over less and less, and this is probably in part due to this relationship.

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