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18 geeky birthday cakes even a mother would love.

Paul Anthony / November 10, 2010

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Today marks our blog’s third anniversary! Woohoo Whoop!  Thank you all for being such loyal and loving readers, hopefully you’ll be here for the next three years to come. What better way to celebrate (or in other words, what a brilliant excuse) to share with you all a collection of geeky birthday cakes. Feel the inspiration, joy and wonder( and hunger) with some of these badboys from around the web.

1) Farmville Birthday Cake

It’s nearly bigger than Facebook itself..

2) Google Chrome Birthday Cake

The Chrome Team cooked this logo design up for their first birthday.

3) Twitter Fail Whale Birthday Cake

4) NES Birthday Cake

Ahh.. The memories. All you need now is some Mario to go along with it.. which brings us swiftly onto.

5) Mario Birthday Cake

Itsa Mario! Immense!

6) Mac Mini Birthday Cake

Even the CD is made of icing on this Mac Mini clone, perfect for fanboys and girls alike.

7) Xbox Birthday Cake

Couldn’t leave big old Microsoft out.  A blast from the past..

8) xbox 360 Birthday Cake

…and its older brother.

9) Motherboard Birthday Cake

The attention to detail on this is pretty awesome. Check out that processor fan! Brilliant.

10) R2D2 Birthday Cake

11) xkcd Birthday Cake

Featuring xkcd comic #218 depressingly true.

12) Reddit Birthday Cake

Everyone’s favourite source of news. It’s Snoo!

13) iPod Birthday Cake

Gotta love the attention to detail on the buttons (shine an all!)

14) Dungeons and Dragons Birthday Cake

15) Star Wars Birthday Cake

16) Facebook Birthday Cake

17) WII Birthday Cake

18) Linux Birthday Cake

Not to be outdone, this Linux ‘tux on the toilet’ cake, shows just what many Linux users think of Windows.

19) Sack Boy Birthday Cake

Sack boy from Little Big Planet.

Let me know if you’ve spotted any others in the comments, and I’ll add them into the collection.

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