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Tweet mirror brings social media to the high street

Paul Anthony / January 23, 2011

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Social media has already impacted the high street. With discount and reward based startups such as Foursquare and Groupon leading the charge, and Google to follow suit, we can see a definite trend developing where online is the starting block for consumer buying decisions. One company that has taken stock of this trend, and turned it on its head, is Nedap Retail – which has brought social media within the reach of everyday retailers through their innovative “Tweet Mirror” product.

Instead of a traditional mirror inside a shop, Tweet mirror allows the consumer to not only look at themselves, but allow their current followers to see them as well. With a digital camera built in, and a real time connection to the web, shoppers can instantaneously receive feedback on purchasing decisions, as well as providing further exposure for the shop brand.

Whilst there are already a number of web based tools forĀ shoppers to receive feedback on what outfit they are currently wearing, none of these have extended the concept to the physical shop floor, and this combination of technology and the web further highlights the changing patterns in the way buying decisions are made, particularly by Gen Y consumers. I can only see this develop further, including means and methods for receiving feedback from friends on other networks such as Facebook.

PDF brochure of the product:

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