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New Bing Microsite targets Google brand searches

Paul Anthony / February 4, 2011

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No doubt many of you have heard of the recent search fight between Google and Bing. Google have may won the first PR round, with many folks jumping on the Google bandwagon – but that’s not to say that Bing isn’t going to have a go at scoring some points in the long grass. Just noticed today that they are targeting Google keywords via an Adwords CPC campaign. The advert was covertly shown on the display network rather than the main search results, with the main advert linking to a video based microsite. Going on recent buzz on Twitter, the site appears to have been launched on Sunday night before things kicked off at the search event organised by Bing.

There’s no telling whether these Google based keywords were added before or after the companies fell out, but one things for certain, looks like we are in for some interesting times. Guerilla marketing warfare and all.

Here’s the link to the microsite – thisbeautifulthing.co.uk

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