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HyperAlerts – Google Alerts for Facebook

Paul Anthony / February 28, 2011

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URL: http://www.hyperalerts.no/

Regulars here will already know when it comes to social media, I’m an advocate for keeping your ears close to the ground. When it comes to listening for brand mentions online, its never been more important to know what is being said about you, and when its being said. With Facebook largely being a closed system, and notoriously difficult to datamine, this poses a difficulty for marketers looking to respond quickly to fans, and to put out any flames of discontent before they become a reputation problem. If you happen to manage any more than one Facebook fan page, knowing when someone has responded positively or negatively quickly is a absolute godsend.

Putting Facebook’s existing system for managing pages to shame is a new service called HyperAlerts, which brings with it not only email digests of activity for your pages when they happen, but the ability to keep your eye on numerous fan pages from your competition as well. Developed by Norwegian agency Hyper Interactiv, the web application  allows users to receive alerts within minutes, or optionally a digest of activity every hour, day, week or month, and most closely resembles a Google Alerts for Facebook.  Whilst the Facebook dev team have upped their game in relation to fan page management recently, one of HyperAlerts main strengths lies in it’s ability to monitor pages when you aren’t the admin for a page.  A fantastically simple concept that is sure to be useful for marketeers and brand advocates alike. Go check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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