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Canvas – is this the most fun drawing app on the web?

Paul Anthony / March 28, 2011

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URL: http://canv.as/

I first came across Canvas when research new collaborative drawing tools for this post. It was still in private Beta at the time, so I popped off a request for invite, and it landed in my inbox a couple of days ago.

Canvas is a fun application centred around one thing –  image curation. Whilst we’ve seen plenty of websites and blogs focusing on this before (see Droplar or FFFound) – or ( EmberApp) but sometimes to catch people’s imagination, the curation process just needs a little extra sparkle. Canvas does this brilliantly, with great attention to detail on the implementation, and a fun filled environment for both the artistically savvy, and the artistically challenged. They have made the “upvote” action particular interesting, with dragging and dropping of stickers such as love hearts and cookies, to express that you like a piece of work, as opposed to how we normally interact with a site by just clicking a button. But that’s not all.

One of the coolest features of Canvas is the drawing element to it. This lets you take someone else’s uploaded image or drawing, and add your own artistic flair to it, reworking it into something new. The “remix” functionality is javascript based using (predictably) canvas – an HTML 5 element which brings 2d shapes and elements to the browser, and in this case enhances the overall drawing experience without needing plugins or Flash.  You can also see how a particular image which has morphed into its current form has appeared in a previous life. A swiping slider takes the image back and forward, showing how other people have collaborated on it to bring it to its current state.

You can also choose to follow particular categories of images, so no matter whether you are into manga or lolcats, there should be something there to suit your tastes.  It’s one of the few applications on the web that I know of that combines collaboration, curation and user generated content all in one place to create a great user experience.

Overall a fun little application that will keep you entertained for hours.

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