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Tiki Toki – timelines for a unique blogging experience.

Paul Anthony / April 2, 2011

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URL: http://www.tiki-toki.com

Brought to you by ChronoFlo and Webalon, Tiki-Toki is a beautiful web based timeline that allows you to chart your journey through the web chronologically. Following a similar pursuit to Memolane, it’s easy to add content directly to your timeline including video, images and text based content. Whereas Memolane’s offering is partially automated through the integratation of various social profiles, Tiki-Toki lacks that level of automation, requiring manual addition of content to your timeline. As I’ve mentioned before, I can see a number of useful applications for this type of web based software – with time based projects such as photo 365 being one of them.

For online diary enthusiasts who currently either microblog, or use short posts on tumblelog platforms to communicate, I can definitely see the attraction. That said, the UX design can be more clunky with these types of products, and unfortunately Tiki-Toki didn’t quite tick all of my boxes. The UI was cumbersome and unclear in places. Commercial options are also there offering the embedding of timelines in other places around the web, and no advertisements on your stream.  That said, its still a fine looking web app that many people will find fun in using, and with the ability to share your lifestream easily with friends in one place it offers the one page diary experience that the web has lacked with blogs.

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