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5 of the best online code editors for fans of the cloud

Paul Anthony / April 5, 2011

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Browser based software has never been more impressive and I am continually blown away by what some people have managed to squeeze out of the humble web browser. With every passing day new browser technologies are opening doors for developers to bring the traditional applications we are used to on the desktop, to the web – lowering the barrier to entry and overall cost for end users.

This collection of cloud based code editors has been created with developers in mind, and perfectly showcases just how far software has come. How long before we can work in the cloud completely?

Ace / Cloud 9

URL: http://cloud9ide.com/

URL: http://ace.ajax.org/

Written entirely in Javascript, Ace is a successor to the browser based code editor – Bespin, who’s code based has now been merged with Ace. It is an open source project using the DOM as the basis for its code, rather than Canvas.  It is available for contributions and downloads on GitHub, and forms an integral part of the Cloud 9 product, in which it is used as the main editor. Cloud 9 offers both commercial and free project hosting (for open source software), allowing multiple software developers the ability to work on a project remotely over the web, and in the browser.


URL: http://kodingen.com/

Kodinegen is a CDE – or cloud based development environment. It was established so developers could easily and quickly get projects up and running quickly without the traditional barriers of server setup, configuration and other development environment headaches that many of us face on a day to day basis as part of being a developer. Kodingen is different. With everything hosted in the cloud, and configured server side, it easily lets you get going once you’ve created your code file.  It also has support for image editing in the browser via Pixlr and Aviary, source control with support for SVN, Github and other code hosting platforms.



London based Startup BuildorPro have recognised that as front end designers and developers eventually have to deploy to the web, why not move the entire workflow and code creation to the browser as well? Not only that, but it is the only cloud based ide that closely mirrors the functionality already found in digital power houses such as Dreamweaver, with integrated code and design views as part of the overall interface.



CodeRun is both an IDE in the browser, and a code sharing platform for developers. Designed particularly with .NET developers in mind, it closely mirrors the interface found in Visual Studio, so many of you will be right at home.

There is native support out of the box for .NET 3.5 (C#), PHP (5.1), JavaScript, HTML and CSS. C# support includes ASP.NET, WCF, Silverlight and WPF browser application development and deployment. Database support includes SQL Server 2005 and Amazon SimpleDB.  A remarkable achievement technically has been achieved with CodeRun, and I can definitely see a scenario where somewhere down the line; this sort of interface for development is the norm on our web applications.

PHP Anywhere

URL: http://phpanywhere.net

PHP Anywhere allows you to develop php applications in almost any browser, including as of a couple of days ago – support for coding directly on the iPad.  There are both free and premium accounts for the service, depending on how much bandwidth you need for uploads. ($5 a month for the premium options). PHP 5 is supported and the code editor also supports Syntax highlighting, line numbers and autocomplete. If you are looking for a portable solution for coding on the move, for small to medium projects, PHP Anywhere is worth a closer look.

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4 responses to “5 of the best online code editors for fans of the cloud

  1. Have you checked-out the eXo Cloud IDE (http://cloud-ide.com)?
    Its a free web-based IDE, with Groovy and JAX-RS support, therefore allowing you to deploy REST Services directly from the IDE. A few sample apps are included as examples of what you can build in your browser. We will soon support git deployment, as well as deployment to third party PaaS offerings.
    I look forward to hear your feedback

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