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Goodsie – DIY hosted e-commerce done right

Paul Anthony / April 13, 2011

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Goodsie allows anyone to create a simplified, bespoke e-commerce solution that allows anyone to sell physical or digital goods. Frustrated by some of the complexities of other hosted e-commerce platforms out there, Goodsie aims to bring things back to basics, with a clear and simple approach to e-commerce.

Brought to you from the guys behind Flavors.me – it is apparent from the get go that some of their feature stack from has made its way into Goodsie, particularly for the design of your store. This is a joy to use, and gets your shop looking good very quickly if you have any kind of basic design skills. Whilst it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles (it is lacking in terms of stock control and customer data) of other solutions out there, I found myself warming to the quirkness of the interface, and the simplicity of the offering. ¬†Goodsie integrates the Paypal, Google Checkout and Amazon gateways, which in many cases is all it takes for a retailer¬†to begin successfully sell online. My only problem with Goodsie is the inability to host it on a its own domain (which has its shortcomings with Google. But for $20 a month – I can’t complain.

There is native support for digital file preview and delivery out of the box, so downloading purchased audio, video, stock photography or e-books is fast friendly and simple for anyone. If you are looking to get quickly moving on selling online, and have a small time arts and crafts business or wish to sell digital goods online – Goodsie may just be the solution you are looking for.

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