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OnSwipe – simpler, sexier tablet publishing

Paul Anthony / April 18, 2011

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URL: http://onswipe.com/

I’ve spoken before on my thoughts about native apps verses web apps. Serial entrepreneur Jason Baptiste shares this vision with his recently launched application ‘OnSwipe‘, using the best in web technologies to create a fluid, better designed, more intuitive experience on tablet devices – without the fuss, and without the associated cost of native applications. The New York based company has raised $1 million in funding for their vision of an app free publishing platform from notable VC’s like Spark Capital, Betaworks and Eniac Ventures, and demo’ed the product at an event in the states held by TechStars, a tech startup incubator on April 14th.

Built using HTML5, with full support for tactile gestures such as the swiping motion that iPad and iPhone users have come to expect, OnSwipe provides a unrivaled experience for your website visitors using these devices. With the OnSwipe application enabled on your site – it literally feels like you are touching the web.

A social layer has also been integrated into the product with support for Facebook connect letting you see the articles and sites that your friends recommend. You can also bookmark, like and share articles as you would previously. The experience is not unlike Flipboard, but the model very different.

OnSwipe is positioned to make money through magazine-esq advertising sold on its platform.  Whilst it is an unpopular notion in mobile circles that the application will over time disappear in favour of the web, its a fallacy that OnSwipe are certainly not afraid of challenging. With a WordPress plugin available now for publishers on that platform (myself included), they have single handedly opened the door to simpler, sexier more intuitive publishing on tablets in seconds. Watch the full video demo below:

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