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Greplin – search social profiles online

Paul Anthony / April 21, 2011

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URL: http://www.greplin.com/

Greplin have taken traditional web search, and turned it on its head. Whilst typically web searchers are interested in search for external sources for the answers to their problems, Greplin have focused primarily on the information which matters to you across multiple social profiles. If you’ve tweeted it, shared it, liked it or mentioned the content in question on any of the social web applications which you have joined, Greplin offers a way to index that information and return relevant results.

They have cleverly focused on jogging your memory on events or interesting content which you’ve already found, but need to find again.

You can choose which content you would like Greplin to index, and it is a simple matter of adding and authenticating the relevant user account related to that service to bring you back the goods. Obvious comparisons to something like Google Desktop can be made, except where’s Google Desktop searches across web pages you’ve viewed, Greplin concentrates solely on its niche of predefined social sites – providing users with a much more personal, more tailored experienced.

Mobile support is provided as a web application, which works simply and effectively on the move, giving you access to your social information when and where you need it.

A number of indexes for social sites can be added for free, Twitter, Dropbox and Facebook all included with premium options for more business focused sites such as Google Apps Mail, Calendar, Evernote, Yammer, SalesForce, Highrise and BaseCamp. Medium sized indexes of information cost $50 a year – with organisations with alot of information to be indexed $150 a year, but considering that there is little or no competition out there for indexing social streams, I can see Greplin being a must have web application for many.

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