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Present.me – Putting the Person back into Presentation

Paul Anthony / April 21, 2011

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There are a variety of presentation tools available on the web that have focused on delivering information in bite sized chunks, and making things more consumable and easy for us to understand online. That’s what the perfect presentation is all about – great delivery of information. What many of the aforementioned products and services miss however, is the personal element that turns a good presentation, into a great one.

The problem with flat powerpoint presentations on the web is that typically, they doesn’t really portray what the author intended fully – you often need narration, gestures and delivery to truly explain and expand upon the concepts and snippets of what you are explaining to the world.

That’s where London based startup Present.me fits perfectly, a new cloud based presentation tool which allows you to not only process existing and create new presentations, but more importantly record the additional detail of the delivery with your webcam.

Utilising the built in capabilities of Flash in the browser, Present.me firstly converts the presentation material that you provide it, then offers the ability to record video of you and speak over the top, adding narrative and direction to your content. You can now record a full presentation just as if your potential delegates are in the room, and with the ability to embed the content anywhere on the web, broadcasting your presentation to multiple people can be achieved all without the cost of physical room hire.

This link should give you a feel for how it is likely to work once you’ve recorded your presentation. The free plan allows for a recording length of 15 minutes with 10 recordings a month, with a variety of other pricing plans.  It’s an innovative solution to information delivery, and is sure to find traction and application across a variety of businesses.

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