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New version of the Google Prediction API released.

Paul Anthony / April 22, 2011

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Yesterday Google released a new version of the Prediction API. (v1.2) – an update to their product released in May last year.  Its an easy way to access high level algorithms developed internally at Google to predict outcomes by feeding in data, and uses machine learning heavily to provide meaningful data.

Google provide pattern-matching and machine learning capabilities in a simply RESTful api, and puts the high level internal research performed at Google directly into developers hands. You could for example determine how likely a customer would purchase a product based on the products they have browsed before – perfect for an e-commerce application that wants to maximise on sales. The system works by ‘training’ it with sample data sets, and the more data you categorise over time, the more accurate it becomes.

Google have announced that they will begin charging for the Google Prediction API this year, but usage is free for all users for the first six months within the following limits. That said, with Google winning awards internationally for their work in the AI fields, this API is undoubtedly one of the most exciting that they have in their kit bag.

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