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Next generation Liveshare blows other photo apps out of the water

Paul Anthony / May 3, 2011

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Liveshare from Cooliris looks stunning. Based on their HTML5 platform, – LiveShare lets you collaboratively share photos, images and content between friends, all delivered in realtime to the web. As you take a photo on your mobile device, it is delivered instantly to other people within your designated group or stream.

Similar in many ways to Color, Liveshare sits comfortably as one of the next generation media sharing and collaboration apps on the web today, with the social experience front and centre, and the true feeling of connectivity as you use it amongst friends.   Public streams can be viewed via the LiveShare website, and uploading to new streams is easy and intuitive to use.

Facebook integration provides a way to invite friends to your stream to collaborate in real time – perfect if you’ve been on holiday together and want to share snaps between multiple people and the ability to comment on public photos adds context. With the upload interface being as simple as dragging and dropping to the browser, or pressing the snap button on your mobile application, I can definitely see it’s usefulness as they stride towards a more connected media experience.

These guys have been kicking ass for a while with a number of media based products. If you haven’t already seen their 3D wall browser – you are in for a treat, and shows just what genius they have behind the scenes. Their next generation platform for Liveshare is soon to be released to the public, building on the already impressive feature set that they have.

For the first time, you can capture moments and share them with friends and family with absolutely no delay at all – the instant your finger taps the camera icon your photo or video instantly appears in your personal stream on your phone, iPad and the Web even before the content is fully uploaded.  The video demo below blows every other photo sharing app out there completely out of the water. With Liveshare albums embeddable into your site, you can watch these being added to as your stream grows in realtime, a feature that live bloggers will definitely find exciting as it provides a way for media content to arrive there and then.

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