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Bjork unveils HTML5 interactive galaxy

Paul Anthony / May 22, 2011

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Pushing the boundaries of what we expect to hear and feel has given those working on musicians websites creative freedom, that if proposed for corporate websites, would never see the light of day.

With music and art always being intrinsically linked we’ve seen this creativity and technology coming together previously in a couple of examples in the online music world, with HTML5 technology being used on the Arcade Fire’s promotional microsite – the Wilderness downtown (released September last year) being one of the first to take centre stage as an “in the wild” example of cutting edge interactivity that no longer needs Flash motion to wow us. The Foo Fighters also managed to create something that works across devices (including the iPhone) without Flash, and streams beautifully.

Following in their footsteps, with her own experimental site, musician and artist Björk revealed her own offering this month. Developed by JAM3 and designed by M/M Paris with Bjork’s input, the new site is part of her Biophilia project, an immersive online and offline art installation that aims to explore ideas like sound and the infinite expanse of the universe. The forthcoming album of the same name is also woven around the concept of the bond between humans and their environments, and will be unveiled at the Manchester International Festival on June 30th.

As it stands now, visitors can explore the universe with either their mouse or keyboard, transporting you between galaxies, and building locations dynamically as you move through the site. Completely built using Javascript and HTML5, it’s an impressive piece of work in its own right, highlighting that three dimensional experiences are most definitely possible with nothing more than the power of your browser.

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