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daLockr – digital image tracking for the social web.

Paul Anthony / May 27, 2011

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URL: http://beta.dalockr.com

daLockr is a new cloud based photo based startup looking to solve the problem with image assets on the web.  Based in Stockholm, Sweden – the beta launched officially today, and the service offers a couple of interesting features for those looking to share copy sensitive image based content on the web.  One of the primary features offers users 2GB of free photo storage and protection from copy theft with daLocker adding protection to each of the photos that you add to your collection. Digital watermarking and fingerprinting are used to help protect the image assets that you choose with exif data for the digital rights management embeddable if they doesn’t already exist. Google have already requested that image assets are tagged with this information to help with indexing, and they are using it within Google image search if and when it exists, helping to line up and improve upon their creative commons search capability.

This hidden code stored in the image itself then allows you to ensure that the marked copies of the digital assets are safely used elsewhere on the web with tracking available on how many times a particular asset has been viewed, and from which third party services this occurred.  If you are sharing photos across multiple different social media platforms – there’s built in sharing capability, which lets you upload, track and distribute the images you are sharing across the web – making it easier to track both the impact of the images that you are sharing, and the reach and exposure that they are receiving. Definitely an interesting little product that could help you control image usage on the web more effectively.

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