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Youtify – A Great Spotify Alternative

Paul Anthony / July 3, 2011

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URL: http://www.youtify.com

All good things come to an end, and one hard felt good time not that long ago – was Spotify. The free music service has been writing cheques its business model couldn’t cash for some time, and the after hooking many of us on the music version of crystal meth, decided to pull the free version back in April.

Moving many of those dedicated music fans over to their subscription model has not been easy, with plenty of alternatives available online. One site that I’ve personally had alot of fun using is Youtify.¬†Capitalising¬†on the wide variety of music videos available on YouTube, Youtify gives you the ability to easily find all the artists you want and play the videos in playlist format. For example you can search for ‘Radiohead’, and if satisfied with the results returned, just let it sit and play the automated selection of music.

Alternatively, if there are songs you aren’t a big fan of, make your own playlist easily, and share with others. Instead of the video taking the main focus of the interface, as is the case with Youtube – Youtify instead focusses on the playlist. You can drag and drop songs from search to create digital mixtapes, and using browser cookies, when you return to the site, everything is automatically saved as you left it. Youtube Playlists can also be searched, giving you access to curated content from other YouTube users that may share the same musical taste.

With all of this running in the browser and needing no login process to use, it’s a great way to discover new artists via other users of the service, and provides a great Spotify alternative that I’m sure you’ll enjoy using.

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