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How to export Facebook and Twitter contacts to Google+

Paul Anthony / July 13, 2011

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Following on from my post on exporting photos from Facebook, many of you will already be familiar with the roadblocks Facebook have put in the way for Google+ users to import their contacts into the service. Not one, but two of the methods previously used to import your Facebook friends into the service no longer work.

However, not to be outdone, I’ve found another way to bring the people you care about into the service, which is surprisingly simple. The loophole lies in the fact that Facebook allow Yahoo access to your contact list.

1) First things first, you need to signup for a Yahoo Mail Account, which you can do over here. Once you’ve successfully set things up, click on contacts, then look for this:

Follow the instructions on screen to connect Yahoo with your Facebook account, and begin the import process.

2) Next, you are going to need to get the data back out of Yahoo again. Tools > Export > Yahoo Csv.

After completing the captcha, you’ll have a download of your entire Facebook fans, in sexy CSV format.

3) Log into your Gmail account that is attached to your Google account. Click on Contacts, then at the left of the screen find the import link, then select the downloaded CSV file from earlier. Import them into a new group to keep them separate from the rest of your mail.

4) Login to Google Plus, and  invite your contacts as a mass import in Google+. Problem solved! You should be able to start adding Facebook friends to circles.

Interestingly, Google have posted a new video today highlighting that a CSV importer for a Google+ address book is on its way, so the additional steps required with reimporting to Gmail won’t be necessary in a few days. With Google well aware that the internet thrive on getting around these sorts of issue, one of the Google+ engineers posted the below announcement, so it will only be a matter of time before Facebook can’t stop the exodus.

As a bonus, many of you will be wondering if it is possible to export Twitter contacts to Google+ Export.ly allows both Twitter and Facebook exporting to CSV.

You should be able to grab your data, and use the same concepts to get your social media data into your service of choice, and the provision of this new address book tool will undoubtedly help take back control of your data.

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6 responses to “How to export Facebook and Twitter contacts to Google+

  1. Thanks for sharing the steps. Here’s another approach:

    Yahoo synch/import with circles doesn’t seem to work for many. It didnt work for me. Here’s a work around for that and is actually inspired from multiple other bloggers who shared this trick.

    You need to have a Yahoo and Hotmail account to proceed with this.

    1)Connect yahoo mail to your facebook account which by now would have imported all of your contacts.
    2)After all of your facebook contacts have been imported create an export file (Outlook CSV).
    3)Log in to your windows live or hotmail account. Select import contacts and click on outlook. Click on the CSV file you’ve created and it will import all of the contacts.
    4)Log in to Google+ and go to the circles tab.
    5)Click on the hotmail link and allow it to sync contacts with hotmail.
    6) G+ has all your FB/Hotmail/Yahoo contacts now.

    Thanks to other bloggers who shared the work around above.

  2. Excellent. Instructions worked right. I am 60+ and was able to invite all my Facebook in a few minutes. Everyone can do it.

  3. Have to wait 14 days before new Yahoo accounts can export data.

    But wait, I have a Yahoo ID courtesy of Flickr – might try that one.

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