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Aside Magazine – Is this the future of the magazine?

Paul Anthony / August 14, 2011

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URL: http://asidemag.com/

With a whole host of major publishers developing native apps to bring their content to the iPad, you’d not be crazy for thinking that the app route was the only logical one. There are of course ways and means around this, and as further evidence of this trend, Aside Magazine demonstrates perfectly what can be achieved with HTML5.

Developed by German designers Nico Engelhardt and  Johannes Ippen, Aside magazine reflects the iPad as a true lifestyle reading platform. Although not as performant as native apps are currently, with improvements coming soon I’ve no doubt that we’ll definitely see HTML5 as the vehicle of choice for delivering magazine style content in the future. With videos, images and text beautifully illustrated inside this application, you can definitely get a feel for what is possible with a bit of design flair and creativity.

Experience it for yourself if you have an iPad to trial it on. If not take a peek at some of the screenshots and video below to get a feel for it.


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