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Adobe Muse lets you create websites without coding.

Paul Anthony / August 15, 2011

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URL: http://muse.adobe.com/

Adobe have just launched a new design tool aimed at traditional graphic designers without any knowledge of coding. Currently in public beta, and built in Adobe Air, it lets designers use a freeform tool to design and publish professional, dynamic HTML/CSS websites without writing code.

Codenamed ‘Muse’ which is a working title rather than a definite product name, and leveraging the latest Web standards including HTML5 and CSS3 where browser support exists, Muse combines precise design and creative freedom with innovative frameworks for adding navigation, widgets and HTML to include advanced interactivity on a site.

Adobe says that Muse offers sitemaps, master pages, and tools to make it fast and intuitive to plan the website layout and designers can combine imagery, graphics, and text with controls similar to InDesign.

Whilst there have been many point and click products to hit the web development market before; their level of cross browser support has often been limited, and the code generated often unweildy, and bloated. Only time will tell whether Muse produces the sort of quality code that professional sites and clients demand.

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