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Clipboard – saving the web one clip at a time.

Paul Anthony / October 16, 2011

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URL: http://www.clipboard.com

Since the recent re-launch of Delicious.com by Avos, has been a bit of a disappointment, the web has been searching around for a service cool enough to take its place. I put my own spin on the alternatives out there for bookmarking, but when Clipboard caught my eye on Twitter, I had to take a closer look at the service for myself.

The main feature that separates Clipboard from the crowd is its ability to actually grab physical HTML and styles off the page, preserving them in the process. You can choose to clip any element that you find – in much the same way that the Google+ feedback tool works. This means you can grab a paragraph of text, an image from a webpage, or a physical interface element that you like the look of, giving a more granular level of control over the saved information.  Rather than the traditional notion of saving an entire webpage you can simply clip the section of the page which interests you most.

Under the hood, Clipboard is in essence, a lightweight JavaScript application that runs via a bookmarklet. Once clicked, a built in extraction algorithm analyzes the page and figures out how to write HTML and CSS that will re-create what the user selected.

I can see Clipboard having a number of applications. It’s a definite competitor to Pinterest, which offers image bookmarking from the browser. For web designers who are magpies for interface elements, it definitely stands up against PatternTap or Ember.  For everyone else, it offers a way to collect a variety of media types from webpages and curate them as you see fit.

This is one of those services that is useful enough to have widespread adoption, and once you get to grips with it and how it can be used, you’ll wonder how you have ever done without it. With content curation a hot topic on the web at the minute Clipboard offers a way to save your interests one clip at a time. Grab an invite here (click in via Technology Reviews link).

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2 responses to “Clipboard – saving the web one clip at a time.

  1. Thanks Paul –
    Enjoyed the review. Just heard about Clipboard on Twit’s The Social Hour.
    Wondering how you’d compare/contrast it with Springpad ??
    Also your thoughts on Springpad vs. Evernote…

    SK Anthony

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