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Google accidentally publishes Search Quality Rating Guidelines.

Paul Anthony / October 22, 2011

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Many of you will be aware that as well as algorithmic selection of quality, Google also employ Search Quality raters to hand pick and test websites for relevancy. With the Panda updates this year impacting many webmasters, its been an uphill struggle to determine exactly what magic Google have going on behind the scenes that puts you in the can. When they published additional guidelines publically, I had my own bash at the time to guess exactly what might constitute quality.

Well, just a few days ago a PDF document, has emerged used internally by quality testers,  for the step by step processes that Google takes when reviewing for quality. Spotted originally by Potpie girl, we now have at least some idea as to what processes the testers have went through when identifying potentially low quality results. As a proprietary document, Google have since removed the link from their own index where it was originally spotted, but not before the web community began to share it amongst themselves. At time of writing you could still find yourself a copy available at various file sharing services across the web.

Its a meaty 125 page read, and although perhaps most useful for those website owners affected by Panda, it’s still useful for anyone running a site relying largely on organic traffic and looking to keep their noses clean in the interim. Although it’s not the first time a document of this nature has turned up on the web, the document is dated March 30th 2011, which gives some indication of its relevancy.

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