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Monetate – a unique testing, targeting and personalisation platform.

Paul Anthony / October 22, 2011

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URL: http://monetate.com/

Monetate is a testing, targeting and personalisation platform all rolled into one. Without the need for technical support you can quickly deploy personalisation campaigns, A/B test them and improve your site conversion rate in a snap. It is particularly tiered towards e-commerce retailers who want an extra level of control over their site without having to approach their technical team.

With a few lines of javascript added to your site you can change what your customers see based on a plethora of options and attributes. For example, you can target segments of traffic, restricting a particular offer to only returning consumers. Behavioural targeting within Monetate has also a number of options, allowing you to, for example restrict offers to those visitors with a previous average order of between x and y.  Monetate also supports regionalised geo-targeting, which can segment behaviour depending on where your browsers are coming from at a regional and international level. If that wasn’t enough, recent improvements have seen regional weather targeting, so if its raining in Spain, or sunny in Philadelphia you can provide your customers with relevant products and offers that are relevant to the climate- regardless of where they are.

If you have a technical team in house, and want to integrate HTML or javascript tests, Monetate doesn’t limit you to just point and click. They have also provided technical flexibility for those who need it as well, so your developer will also be a happy bunny.

When setting up a campaign, Monetate asks users an easy to determine flow of questions. Who to test, What to test, When to test, and Where on the website, making it easy for any user to begin testing.  Each Monetate campaign is automatically A/B tested against a control and the results are tracked in real time via their Analytics platform. Once you are satisfied that the key metrics such as average order value and conversion rate have improved, its one click to disable the control and move forward with your changes.

With every visitor to your website being unique in their profile in terms of needs and desire, Monetate is the technical equivalent of a personal shopper meeting and greeting every one of them – with the end result of increased revenues and improved conversion rates.  As the personalised web springs to life, undoubtedly we’ll see more of these types of features making their way into other e-commerce platforms, but for now, Monetate provides a much need solution to tailor your marketing approach to customers across the web.

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