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Google+ adds easier facial detection to photos.

Paul Anthony / November 18, 2011

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Google have just announced that they have rolled out a new feature for tagging friends in albums.

The change replicates the feature already available inside competing social network Facebook, however Google’s face detection algorithm built into the software (the likely result of an acquisition of Carnegie Melon spin out Pitt Patt) offers a vastly superior experience to that available within Facebook.

Whereas tag in Facebook is a manual process, Google have now the ability to pick out individuals, making it easier to tag them in photos.   Google have also side-stepped the privacy issue – with the ability to approve the tag or not.

Originally posted by +Nathan Davis, an engineer on the Google+ Photos team.

Today we’re excited to announce a fun new feature that will make tagging the people in your photo albums quicker and easier. Whenever you create an album we now show you all the faces found in that album in one place. All you have to do is group the photos of each person’s face together and tag them with their name or email address. When you’re done, a notification is sent to each person you tagged. They can decide whether to approve the tags.

You can access the new tagging feature from three different places:

* Create an album: Create an album from the sharebox. Once the upload is complete, click “Create album” button. If your photos include people’s faces, you will see the new tagging feature. Adding photos with faces to an existing album will also bring up the new tagging feature.

* Add photos from the sharebox: Once your photos appear in the sharebox, you can click the “Tag People” link.

* Tag an existing album: Open an existing album and click the “Tag People” button just above the photo previews.

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