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YouTube to get a makeover, along with new social features.

Paul Anthony / November 18, 2011

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According to Business Review USA, the below screenshots have been leaked online for what looks like Google’s updated design for YouTube.

Art Director Freddie Pierce noticed the updates, which, as you would expect offers an enhanced social media experience with Google+ front and centre.  Also available is the introduction of both trending and popular (see left hand bar) across the YouTube network – a feature that users have been crying out for for some time.

YouTube is one of the stronger hands Google has to be played in the ongoing social wars against Facebook, and this new community focus will undoubtably help introduce Google+ to the millions of users already on that platform (around 490 million as of February 2011).

We’ve already seen tighter integration of YouTube inside Google+ this month with the introduction of YouTube playlists, and this change will likely provide even greater exposure. With multimedia content often being the most engaging, it makes sense for this rollout to provide greater focus on the social connections which already exist between YouTube users.

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