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22 social media recipes to easily cross post your updates.

Paul Anthony / November 19, 2011

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With a number of social media platforms available to consumers, we are always searching for ways to minimise our workload, and in order to do so, it often makes sense to want to connect together accounts so a distributed message can be sent out from one place. The following post provides just a few of the recipes available for the interconnection of accounts and with a bit of creative thinking you should be able to chain many of these together to suit your needs and reach a bigger audience.

Connect Google+ to Twitter

URL: http://manageflitter.com/plus

ManageFlitter offers a number of tools for the better management of your Twitter account. One of which is the functionality to link Google+ to your Twitter account. Postings on Google+ automatically can be sent through to Facebook.

Connect Facebook to Twitter

URL: http://www.facebook.com/twitter/

Facebook offer this functionality out of the box for their users. With this app, if you manage a Facebook Page, you will be able to decide whether to share updates with your Twitter followers, and you also will be able to control what type of updates to share: status updates, links, photos, notes, events or all of them.

Connect Tumblr to Twitter

URL: https://www.tumblr.com/login?redirect_to=%2Fsettings%3Ftwitter

Tumblr provide functionality out of the box for microblogging your recent Tumblr post direct to Twitter, and also allow you to keep up to date with your Twitter friends’ posts within the Tumblr dashboard.

Connect WordPress to Twitter

URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-to-twitter/

With the WP-to-Twitter plugin, you can ensure that once you’ve published a new post on your WordPress blog, it will automatically get republished direct to Twitter.

Connect Google+ to Facebook

URL: https://plus.google.com/u/0/105657782253842840543/posts/GPFUPEobgDL

Alexander Müller came up with this Facebook application that can receive messages from Google+ in three easy steps.

Browse to http://c0ff33.de/twitter
Authenticate your Twitter account with the app.
Add the supplied e-mail address to a new circle.

Alternatively you can use the share by email feature as detailed here by Joe Hall to create a circle that you can share to Facebook.

Connect Twitter to Facebook


The official Twitter application within Facebook allows you to connect your Facebook account to your Twitter account,. Tweets will appear directly on your profile page and your Twitter username will be displayed for your Facebook friends to see.

Connect Tumblr to Facebook

URL: http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=48119224995

The above link takes you direct to the application within Facebook, however to enable posting, you have to login into your Tumblr account, click “Settings” and check the Facebook checkbox to enable posting Tumblr information direct to your news feed. Once you’ve authorised your account, you can also select a Facebook fan page to begin posting to.

Connect WordPress to Facebook

URL:  http://wordbooker.tty.org.uk

Good WordPress to Facebook integration is hard to come by. I provided a solution a while back for a complete application which could pull post through to a Fan page along with associated styling. However, often I’m asked how to integrate WordPress blog posts as wall posts within that application. The wordbooker plugin for WordPress does exactly that, and can also post to Facebook Fan Page walls and Group Walls if you are an administrator for that fan page or Group.

Connect Twitter to WordPress

URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/twitter-news-feed/

If you want to go the reverse direction, there are ways to bring tweets directly into WordPress posts. The above listed plugin does the heavy lifting for you, using a combination of the Twitter Search API and RSS to import unique tweets for specified users into WordPress. Alternatively the Tweet Import plugin allows you to only import hashtagged posts.

Connect Facebook to WordPress


The above URL demonstrates that you can extract data from public pages out of Facebook. Simply click on the “Receive updates  via RSS” on any fan page, and you can receive an RSS feed out. It is then a trivial matter to setup a RSS Import plugin to continue to feed your WordPress blog with the content contained within Facebook.

Connect Google+ to WordPress

URL: http://ifttt.com/

If this then that – available at the above URL is a remarkably simple web application for creating macros. In the context of cross posting from one service to another, it is an absolute godsend.  First signup for an account, Activate the WordPress Channel then turn on the Google+ to WordPress task recipe.  Optionally you can choose a keyword that fires off this task from within Google+, so you can filter the operation.

Connect Tumblr to WordPress

URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-rss-poster/

Want to send tumblr posts into WordPress? Firstly, there is a way to generate an RSS feed out of any Tumblr blog. Simply put ‘/rss’ on the end of the URL. For example Tumblr Staff’s blog rss is here: http://staff.tumblr.com/rss – once you’ve got that done. Setup a RSS Import plugin to continue to integrate your WordPress blog with the content in your tumblr account.

Connect Google+ to Tumblr

URL: http://ifttt.com/recipes/6147

Ifttt does the heavy lifting for us again with this recipe for posting directly from Google+ through to Tumblr. Simply replace replace the id number in the feed url with your Google+ id number and you’ll be autoposting direct to tumblr in no time.

Connect WordPress to Tumblr

URL: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/tumblrize/

Setting up WordPress to autopost through to Tumblr is a breeze with this plugin. It integrates directly with Tumblr’s API, and also includes support for Posterous. Unlike some other plugins out there, Tumblrize maintains links between the two platforms synchronising changes.

Connect Twitter to Tumblr

URL: http://tweettoemail.com

The easiest way to send your Twitter updates to Tumblr, is via email. First of go to “Settings” in Tumblr, and find the email address specified. It will be unique per user. Then visit the Tweet to Email service, and set it up, specifying the Tumblr unique email address. Now when you tweet to email, it will automatically be sent to Tumblr.

Connect Facebook to Tumblr

URL: http://ifttt.com/recipes/4132 – New Status update > New text post

URL: http://ifttt.com/recipes/3623 – Facebook Link > New link post in Tumblr

URL: http://ifttt.com/recipes/1821 – Facebook Image > New image post in Tumblr

Getting information out of Facebook isn’t much fun, ifftt has again rode into town and delivered the goods. As you can see from the recipes above, there are a variety of scenarios that you can avail of to get exactly what you want.

Connect [service] to Google+

URL: http://ifttt.com/recipes/2136

With Google+ not yet supporting a full API, you’ll find it hard to push information into your stream. However, whilst we wait for that support, a number of enterprising people have come up with a few loopholes. For example, it is possible to find out an email address to post into the service – and once you have that you can pretty much work out a way to send from other places.  Note. This only seems to work for US / India users who can use Google SMS.

Connect [service] by Voice call.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just connect to the web with a simple telephone call? Well you can, thanks to the telephone connector available inside Tumblr. Once you’ve set that up, take a look at the Tumblr to [service] recipes to see what the potential is. There is also a telephone service inside ifttt.com and http://www.twilio.com offers a voice based API in both the US and Europe for those of you who can sling code at the problem.

Connect YouTube to Twitter

URL: http://www.techfeb.com/2011/03/auto-tweet-when-you-upload-video-on-youtube/

YouTube is a force to be reckoned with in the marketing world. If you aren’t doing video marketing in some capacity or another, you are missing a wealth of opportunity. For those of you that are engaging visitors on the YouTube platform, this recipe offers a way to autotweet when you  upload video.

Connect YouTube to Facebook

URL: http://www.techfeb.com/2011/03/auto-tweet-when-you-upload-video-on-youtube/

In the same vein, it’s easy to also connect YouTube to Facebook as YouTube offer integration out of the box. Simply connect up your accounts in the same way as detailed above, and you’ll be autoposting to your Facebook stream in no-time.

Connect YouTube to Tumblr

URL: http://ifttt.com/recipes/125

If you blog on the Tumblr platform, this recipe available at ifttt.com will allow you to send all of your YouTube Favourites directly to Tumblr as video posts. It’s as simple as clicking the heart icon on a video, and away it goes.

Connect YouTube to WordPress

URL: http://www.ternstyle.us/products/plugins/wordpress/wordpress-automatic-youtube-video-posts

How great would it be to automatically create a new video post in WordPress when you perform an action inside YouTube? This WordPress plugin synchronises the two, automating the process of adding a video to WordPress when it is added to a particular YouTube account.

Social Aggregation Services

As well as roll your own approaches such as the solutions posted above, a number of social media aggregators exist to populate the services that you want with information.

http://ping.fm/ – Twitter, Facebook (including Pages), WordPress, Tumblr, LinkedIn, TypePad and others.

http://hootsuite.com/ – Twitter, Facebook (including Pages), MySpace,  Mixi, LinkedIn, WordPress and Foursquare

http://feedblitz.com/ – RSS Feed to email

http://www.feedmyinbox.com/ – RSS Feed to email

http://hellotxt.com/ – Offers a variety of social networks, and is available on mobile platforms.

http://www.tubemogul.com/solutions/oneload/overview – If you have video content and want to syndicate it various channels. TubeMoguls Oneload service is a free solution to achieve that.  Veoh, iTunes, Flickr, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo amongst others.

Have you any difficulty getting content from one platform to another? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll see if I can’t come up with a solution.

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