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OnTact, a Simple WordPress Contact Solution

Paul Anthony / December 10, 2011

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URL: (demo) http://www.webdistortion.com/ontact/

WordPress provides us with a bucketload of flexibility. With one of the most welcome recent additions being custom posts we can now develop all sorts of creative web based solutions using it. As part of a recent project, I have recently developed a contact / address book solution using the flexibility of custom fields as the underlying engine, and I’m now able to offer that solution to you guys at a fraction of the cost.

The basic gist of what it does is very simple. Instead of the traditional adding of ‘posts’ or ‘pages’ the OnTact theme allows you to add ‘Contacts’ along with various meta data associated with that contact. You can for example, add telephone numbers, website address and social media profile information to the system. Using the built in Ajax search, you can easily find the contact you are looking for in an instant, and provided you have filled out the relevant information – examine their recent social activity. Version 1 comes with Twitter support out of the box, with space for Google+ and Facebook data.

Not only that, but if you have multiple staff who share contacts OnTact allows you the flexibility to view contacts globally, and by the current logged in user. With the ability to add notes to each contact within the system, OnTact doubles up as a great looking, affordable CRM system built on the WordPress platform. Grab yourself a domain, add the theme, and power up your own contact based CMS for the new year for a one off cost of £25 (about $40).

Try the demo for yourself. username:demo password:demo to login in.

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