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ScreenLeap – Hassle free screen sharing with friends.

Paul Anthony / February 2, 2012

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URL: www.screenleap.com

Sometimes, web applications get bogged down in the tedium of registrations / corporate jibber jabber  and other such clutter. Its refreshing to see that ScreenLeap, the recently launched screen sharing application has avoid all of that hassle, and makes sharing your screen within anyone around the world absolutely effortless. There are alternative solutions in the market for this – namely WebEx and GotoMeeting, but they are pretty clunky in comparison. ScreenLeap moves out of the way, and lets you get on with the task in hand; better still – its absolutely free of charge. Viewers can see your screen from any device, including tablets and smartphones and there are no downloads, installs, fees, or sign ups required.

Definitely one for the bookmarks.

via HackerNews.

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