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3 Niche Grabbing Sites Similar to Pinterest

Paul Anthony / February 8, 2012

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Good artists copy, great artists steal. Right? Sometimes its possible to grab the internet’s attention by flipping an established concept on its head by concentrating on a subset of an audience. Take the web’s latest and greatest poster child for image curation – Pinterest. It continues to grow in size as a powerhouse, mostly due to natural viral word of mouth marketing, with article after article after article about it’s success and importance in the world of social media.

Recognising that success, but concentrating on different audiences, is smart. You already know the concept is tried, tested and successful, and with a slight twist could be every bit as successful as the inspiration. These sites are more than just copycat me too offerings, instead they highlight that there are always niche audience, inside niche services.


URL: http://shopcastr.com/

Shopcastr is currently only available in Toronto, but you can see that conceptually, it is a location based Pinterest for e-commerce. I’ve often though that there was a gaping hole in the market for a decent image based bookmarking solution that is geared towards shopping – and with so few focused tools for saving your favourite e-commerce pages, Shopcastr does a great job whilst paying homage to the Pinterest trend. I only hope that being limited based on location doesn’t last long, and they eventually open it up to the rest of the web.


URL: http://gentlemint.com

I’ve seen grown men go weak at the knees of Pinterest. Considering this is a site which focuses largely on all things ‘housey’ and showcasing beautiful knitting patterns, not to mention the pretty cupcakes (OHH the cupcakes!), its enough to make you question the entire male species.  Not to worry though – GentleMint provides image bookmarking in a similar vein to Pinterest without the fear of losing any man points.


URL: http://piccsy.com

Piccsy is a great site in its own right – focusing on 50 beautiful images every day, the site is much more visually impactful than Pinterest, mainly because they have eradicated any text on the main opening page. There is much more of a quality feel to them as well. Although still in Beta, and currently Invite only, the current offering is pretty impressive. Piccsy’s search, tag, and image popularity systems also make it easy to find the quality images, and as they grow, I’ve no doubt we’ll see more of them in 2012.

Have you spotted any Pinterest clones out there, which break the mould? Let me know in the comments.

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