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Speakpipe – Offering a new way to listen to your customers.

Paul Anthony / February 9, 2012

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URL: https://www.speakpipe.com

Have you ever wanted to actual hear your customers directly?

Traditionally, we take it as a given that communication online with customers is typically through some form of e-mail. A startup which is turning that notion on its head is SpeakPipe, which offers the ability to embed a widget on your site which lets visitors leave you a voicemail.

Leaving a message is as simple as clicking a button, recording your voice message, and saving it. Admin users can then login to their SpeakPipe inbox, and listen to the messages left for them.

As we become more accustomed to ‘putting ourselves out there’, both video and audio communication on the web has become more the norm.. As we’ve already seen the move towards using social media for communication, SpeakPipe augments that notion, and offers a much more personal and interactive way to reach out and receive feedback.

I can see the benefits for a number of different types of site, but if you source voiceover talent, singers or narrators on your website- its particularly relevant, and that’s only scratching the surface of possibilities. It’s absolutely free whilst in beta, and is a piece of cake to implement, so if you think it could be of use on your site, grab it whilst its hot.

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