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Google rollout social features in Docs, swipes back at Microsoft.

Paul Anthony / February 22, 2012

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Google have just showcased the new social collaboration features inside Google Presentations with a quirky video that takes a cheeky pot shot at Microsoft. Introducing their collaboration features that are now available in the browser – this tongue in cheek advert mimics the exact approach that Microsoft took with their OneNote product advertising in 2010, showing how the inventors would have collaborated , had they had the same technology we have today. Google obviously one upping Microsoft with the fact that its all available in the browser for free.

Although Google are spanking Microsoft in other markets such as search, its clear that Google still see themselves as something of the underdog in the world of desktop publishing and enterprise applications. You don’t go around sticking your tongue out at competitors when you are market leader with this sort of naughty schoolboy approach to your advertising.

Although I’m typically pretty pro Google on a lot of fronts, whilst this sort of cheeky chappy cheap shot is all the rage when you’ve a small brand, a startup culture and are something of the underdog- somehow it comes across as a bit classless. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh – after all it makes for interesting viewing when two Giants are swiping chunks out of each other – Microsoft went head to head with Google over Gmail and with Docs in this attempt at a viral, so maybe this is just retaliation in the ongoing public battle. As they say in this part of the world. Great bant.

The Microsoft ad emulated.

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