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Rumma.ge provides a visual pinning interface to eBay

Paul Anthony / February 29, 2012

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Adding to the many Pinterest copycat sites that we’ve seen in the past couple of months – Rumma.ge popped under my radar this morning, and although its a topic I’ve blogged on before  – it’s still good enough to share with you guys.

Essentially Rummage is a visual browsing tool for eBay buyers and sellers, allowing you to create boards and collections of the favourite information you find on the auction site. Its very much similar in functionality to Pinterest with one crucial twist – the auction data is integrated directly into the experience.

Although eBay is never going to win any awards for design – Rummage provides the silky smooth looks on top of the auction site and makes it easy to see at a glance the sort of stuff you are interested in. It’s also closely integrated with Pinterest as of this week, giving a welcome boost to listing exposure, particularly if you have items which look the part.

While other peer-to-peer marketplaces like Etsy have embraced Pinterest by integrating Pin It buttons early last month, eBay currently has no official integration. With over 11 million users, Pinterest is a powerful source of social media traffic, especially among female shoppers and with the new features on Rummage, buyers will be able to easily pin their favorite eBay listings and build boards around their interests, or even particular eBay sellers. Sellers now also have an easy and quick way to push their inventory onto their own Pinterest boards.

Rummage co-founder Eugene Otto predicts that eBay sellers who effectively use Pinterest will see increased traffic to their listings and ultimately higher sell-through rates. “One of our main goals is to help sellers with discoverability,” he said. “There are so many sellers that have really shareable pictures and products. We want to help unlock that.

It’s an extremely interesting twist on the traditional concept of auctions – and considering eBay’s text heavy interface, will provide light relief for auction fans that love to Pin.

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