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Codiqa – jQuery Mobile ProtoTyping Tool.

Paul Anthony / March 4, 2012

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Adding to the already plentiful numbers of prototyping tools available on the web for free, Codiqa is a recently launched interface building app which is based around the jQuery Mobile library set. If you aren’t already familiar with jQuery mobile as a developer – you should be. The library offers a unified, HTML5-based user interface system for all popular mobile device platforms, and contains the same awesome programming approach that you’ve come to know and love with jQuery.

If you aren’t yet convinced – take a look at some of the web apps already created using the library at the jQueryMobile Gallery – the results are impressive, and in many cases give a better experience than rival native apps.

Launching on the jQueryMobile site itself last week Codiqa provides drag and drop building of mobile interfaces within their application, allowing you to rapidly prototype your mobile site interface quickly and easily using the underlying jQuery Mobile libraries. This lets your designer get on with shaping the mobile UX experience, without needing any level of programming prowess.

As you would expect from a cloud based prototyping tool, Codiqa also provides collaboration tools out of the box, so you can save and access your projects anywhere and share it with team members, developers, and designers. Best of all, you can take your creation with you and download the exact HTML and javascript used to recreate your prototype, so front end development becomes even quicker.

As for pricing, initially there’s a 30 day trial available – with a $10 a month for individuals charge thereafter. Even if you intend to natively build a mobile application, Codiqa has its uses in the market, and provides a welcome addition to a designers arsenal of tools in the fight towards more universal and professional mobile experiences.

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