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MixPanel Flow – Visualising Visitor Flow through your site

Paul Anthony / March 23, 2012

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URL: https://flow.mixpanel.com/

One of the more frustrating areas within analytics tools such as Google Analytics, is the measurement of where people move to throughout your site. Whilst there is plenty of data there, its often difficult to make visual sense of unless you are something of a wizard at Excel. Enter Flow. A simple and free way to find out exactly where your visitors exit your website, and from what pages. Instead of the typical line graphs or tables of data within your traditional analytics package, Flow provides an awesome diagram of the actual paths people take as they browse your site. This enables you to easily follow your users every step of the way – from the homepage, through signup, and each page they hit as they use your product or website.

Best of all, data is collected in realtime, which empowers developers or designers to iterate much quicker and indeed make decisions about your site direction, content and UX much more quickly. Definitely one to add to your marketing arsenal for greater understanding of your website traffic, and improved conversion rates.

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