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Pinviewer – View your Facebook content like a Pinterest board

Paul Anthony / April 19, 2012

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URL: https://apps.facebook.com/pinviewer/

Love Pinterest but are slightly peeved that you can’t pin anything from with Facebook? Say hello to a new Facebook application that allows you to ignore the timeline, and browse yours and your friends updates in a more visual interface.

With the web becoming an ever more visual platform, Pinviews design purposely rides the coat tails of Pinterest which has made the web more scannable, and visually appealing, and combines it with the social data contained within Facebook. ¬†Once you’ve authorised access to your profile, there are options for viewing your own wall, the wall of your friends – and the ability to pull in both image and video content from each – which makes it much easier to see what to like and share.

Very cool.

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