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Google rattled by Windows 8 release, launches ‘Get Your Google back’ campaign.

Paul Anthony / October 26, 2012

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URL: GetYourGoogleBack.com

Clearly someone at Google are using their heads. No sooner than Windows 8 is out the door, there is a dedicated marketing campaign to putting Google back front and centre as the default search provider in Windows. The Landing Page domain takes visitors to a quirky video (with the ever so appropriate Jackson 5 hit music ‘I want you back‘ as the background theme).

The dedicated Windows app that this domain links you to has a number of features for the Windows 8 platform, namely:

  • Google Search box – Type your search right from the app home screen, so you can find the answers you need more quickly.
  • Voice Search – Use your microphone to ask Google anything and see the answer instantly.
  • Search Charm – By installing the Google Search app, you can easily access Google from the Search Charm.
  • Instant previews mode – Browse search results without having to visit each page.
  • View Your Searches – Swipe from the top to see the sites you visited most recently, categorised by keyword.
  • Google Apps page – Access all your favourite Google products from within the app with just the tap of an icon.
  • Google Instant – No need to press Enter – see results instantly as you type.
Its a clever move by Google considering a number of machines in the run up to Christmas will be shipped with Windows 8, which is already brimming with Bing powered features baked into its core.
This news also gives a fair bit of Kudos to the Windows Store as a delivery platform for web based products such as Google, with others likely to follow suit. There’s also a big push encouraging users to download Chrome, which unsurprisingly doesn’t come as the default browser, Microsoft having done a fine job of  stitching Bing well and truly into the fabric of Windows 8.


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