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Doing It Right: Tips for Selling Software Online

Paul Anthony / June 30, 2013

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Because of the ever changing nature of technology and all related platforms, software can be a highly marketable and lucrative field in terms of sales. However, due to fierce competition, it can also be one of the most difficult fields to make adequate sales in. In order to get an edge over competition and make your software product pop in the eyes of prospective buyers, you’ll need to manage everything from advertising to storage in the right ways.

Offer Free Trials

A tried and true tactic guaranteed to pique people’s interest is to offer a free preview of what you’ll be selling. This is particularly true if your company is a small one that not many people have heard of. Offering a free trial will catch people’s attention and get them interested in what your company is, what it stands for, and what its offering. It’s also an excellent way to constructive feedback so that you know what appeals most to people and what areas still need some work. Getting people to register for a trial run of your software is also a good way to lead them into a sale, especially if they like what you’ve presented them with. A free trial that’s well received by prospective consumers can also lead to free advertising for you through word of mouth.

Include a Video

Another good tactic to sell software online is to catch people’s interest with a video. You can simultaneously draw the attention of prospective buyers while showcasing your software by including a demonstrative video on your product website. Having a detailed, instructive video can be more appealing to consumers who aren’t as technologically savvy as others might be. A video can also help to answer any questions consumers might have before they are truly prepared to click the “buy” button. The video should be comprehensive, easy to watch, and streamlined. You’ll want the points in the video to be informative but succinct; a video that’s 40 minutes long can be off-putting.

Emphasize Person to Person Interaction and Customer Support

Many businesses make the mistake of only including an email address under the “contact us” header. Interacting with others via email can become frustrating, particularly if the topic at hand is a matter of technical support or a technical inquiry. It’s important that you include a phone number along with an email address. This way, if a customer needs help but doesn’t want to converse through email, they have the option of interacting with you in person.

Hand in hand with having a contact phone number is ensuring that you have around-the-clock customer service available. It’s important to keep in mind that your customers may be located in different locations throughout the world. As such, you’ll want them to be able to speak with someone about any type of issue they might be having at any given time throughout the day or night. Implementing a solid customer service plan is the key not only to securing customer loyalty, but to ensuring customer satisfaction and the spread of your product’s reputation through word of mouth, as well.

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