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Using Cloud Storage to Work Away from Your Office

Paul Anthony / June 30, 2013

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Whether you work from a home office or in a professional office setting, there will be times that you will either want or need to work away from your regular workspace. You might find that you are more productive in a coffee shop, or you might travel for business and work from a hotel room. No matter your situation, there will likely be times when you need to access all of your files for work, and sometimes share files with co-workers or associates, when you are away from your normal work environment. To make this as easy as possible, consider using cloud storage.

Using Cloud Storage for Multiple Devices

If you work away from home often, you may have multiple devices on which you view and edit documents. If you use a desktop computer at your office, you likely have a laptop computer that you take with you on business trips or when you are working at home. If this is the case, cloud storage can make your work very efficient. Rather than storing files on a thumb drive or USB drive, you can simply store them to the cloud and, when you access them from a different computer, they will be exactly as they were the last time you saved them. This is particularly useful if you are often switching between computers or mobile devices and if you like to access things from a tablet or smartphone. Many cloud drives offer applications that can be downloaded to mobile devices, making it easy to open your files from anywhere that has Wi-Fi or an Internet network. If you like to use a smaller device when working away from home, such as a tablet, you can download an application for your cloud drive or open it in an Internet browser and work on it just as you would from your regular computer. Once you store files in a cloud drive, you will be able to check documents, and even edit them, from just about anywhere. It is incredibly convenient to be able to open a file on your smartphone if you need to check something quickly, rather than having to open and boot up a computer, even if it is an easily transportable laptop. The use of cloud drives on mobile devices also means that, as long as you have a network connection, you can access your files even when you are not signed on to a Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Sharing Files with Others

If you often need to edit documents with others or make documents available for viewing by multiple users, the file share function of a cloud drive will come in handy. You can set up your cloud drive so that certain documents are available only to you, but you can also designate some folders are sharable with other users. If you want people to be able to view the files, but not edit them, you can make them read-only in your cloud storage. You can also make them available for editing, though. For example, if you are working on a big proposal for a work presentation and you need your associates to be able to make comments on each other’s work, this is a useful function. It eliminates the need for multiple versions of a document to be saved and transferred via email or other means of file sharing. Instead, there is only one document that is viewed and edited by as many people as you choose to share it with and the document changes are instantly available for all viewers. You can also set up cloud storage documents so that edits can be seen by other users, making it easy to tell when things have been changed.

Cloud storage opens up many possibilities for saving and sharing files without being tied to a particular computer or office. If you need to transfer files between devices, access them from anywhere, or share them with other viewers, cloud storage can be very efficient and useful. There are multiple cloud storage options, so do some research before you settle on one. Many of them are available for free with a limited amount of storage space, though you can purchase additional cloud storage space, making it possible for you to store all your work in the same place.

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