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Getting Your Press Release to the Right People

Paul Anthony / August 27, 2013

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Getting your press release for your event, company, or non-profit to the right people is essential in making sure it gets noticed by the people that need to see it. A press release tells people all of the information you need them to know, but if you don’t get it to the right newspaper, magazine, website, or editor all of that information will just sit there, unseen by readers. To get your release published, knowing how to write it and get it to the right people will be essential.

Narrow Down Your Niche

First you need to know what you’re writing and who you are writing for. For instance, if you are having an event to help raise funds for an animal shelter, you will want animal lovers to read your release, but you’ll also want people with money and a charitable spirit to read about your event, too. Send your release to animal shelters so they can put it on social media, but also send it to local newspapers. Don’t stop there, though. You need to also send it to the Chamber of Commerce so they can distribute the information in their monthly newsletter that gets seen by business owners and those who like to donate to local causes.

Use the Right Keywords

According to a recent article published by Google, keywords and search engine optimization techniques are the new wave of marketing, and more and more companies are using these tactics to get noticed. Keywords and SEOs are what people use when they search for something online. Using the animal adoption example again, assume you’re in the Bay Area and a person in that area is looking to adopt a dog. They will search “dog adoptions” in their search engine and be presented with your release because it will have the keywords “dog adoption” and “Bay Area.” Even if you’re not doing an adoption, those keywords will still show your release to this person who may want to donate to your fund raiser. If you’re unsure of how to do the right keywords or SEOs, you could look into a Bay Area SEO agency, or an agency in any area you’re at, to help you write the release properly. After the keywords are in place, you can search for blogs or publications that match these keywords to send the release to.

Email Blast the Right Way

Email blasts are the perfect way to get your release out to hundreds of people at once. You can do what tons of people do and send your release out to anyone and everyone in a 100 mile radius and hope that someone picks it up. While this technique does work at times, it’s not that effective. You can make this method better, though, by narrowing down the publications that are near your event site. Don’t go to a 100 mile radius, because most people aren’t going to travel that far for a fundraiser for an animal shelter. After you’ve chosen no more than 10 publications email the editor or community reporter and address them personally. This will make them more likely to read what you’re emailing them because it won’t seem like spam.
When writing press releases you need to know how to properly use keywords and how to send them to the right publications so they are picked up and distributed to readers. One thing you must do is address the people you’re emailing personally so that your release isn’t automatically deleted. Finally, you need to be prepared to do interviews if people do call you about your release. Most reporters won’t just run a release, but they’ll do an interview to develop a story for publication.

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