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Human.co – The iPhone app, that reminds you to keep moving.

Paul Anthony / September 3, 2013

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URL: http://www.human.co

With more and more of us sitting at our desks daily, and being glued to a monitor for most of the day, Human.co is a friendly pocket based reminder that the most healthy thing we can do is get up and move.

The mobile app runs in the background of your phone and helps you interweave more activity into your daily life, and with rewards for reaching your daily 30 minutes of activity, Human tells you how much you’ve moved, where you’ve moved to, and how much more you need to move to reach daily targets.

The interface for the app is beautifully designed, and offers up appropriate suggestions for activity that you could do, depending on what time of the day it currently is. Although it does require an account; the signup process is literally a matter of minutes.

Human has great potential in the health app market both for health fanatics and geeks alike; being an extremely simple app concept which has been beautifully executed.


Automatically records your outdoor walking, running and biking.
Tells you how much you’ve moved, and need to move.
Build up a streak for every Daily 30 of the week.
Get notified when you reach your Daily 30.
See all your individual activities including maps and details.
Share your activities to your favorite social networks.
See your weekly active minutes and weekly average.

The company was founded by Renato Vald├ęs Olmos (Cardcloud) and Paul Veugen (Usabilla) late 2012. Human has received investment from Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare), Alan Braverman (Yammer), Janis Krums (Elementz, Opprtunity), Koen Bok (Facebook), Vitulum Ventures, Boralis, Maarten Wensveen (VistaPrint), Joris Keijzer (AlbumPrinter) and Michael Kinsbergen (Comscore, AFC Ajax).

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