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12 mobile analytics platforms to better understand your audience

Paul Anthony / October 1, 2013

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As mobile applications gain more and more of the lions share of traffic, the need for adequate user experience testing, analytics and data gathering on mobile platforms increases.There are an estimated one billion smartphones in the world today, and it is expected that there will be two billion by 2015. With exponentially more and more mobile apps, it stands to reason then, that the mobile analytics market is exploding with it.

As with traditional desktop apps, understanding deeply how your audience are interacting with your native application helps shape both mobile strategy, and future development, and there are plenty of analytics options out there.   This collection of mobile analytics and testing tools provide you with much need information on how your audience truly interacts with your application, and how you can iterate and improve on what you’ve already shipped.

Eye Tracking

URL: http://lookback.io/


Lookback takes a new and innovative approach to understanding the mobile user experience. Recording the users face. Integrated whilst in the testing phase of the app, it allows your test subjects to choose when they are recorded to see exactly how they react at various stages of your application, and monitors application events as they happen, so you can really see when you delight or disappoint.

Testers install the app and are given a simple interface to decide when to start and stop recording. Once a recording  has finished, it is automatically uploaded to Lookback where you can login and analyze it. There’s a demo of how that looks here. It’s a smart, useful app that will be sure to help developers make important decisions about application flow and design.


URL: https://heatma.ps


Heatmaps for traditional web apps are pretty plentiful. For mobile, Heatma.ps SDK offers the same hot / warm / cold visualisation overlayed upon your application to see where the focus of your users attention is.  If your app does in app purchases, in for example, a mobile game, heatma.ps offers insight into where to better place that button to grab attention.

You can also break down numerous other bits of data. For example, you can analyse Gestures, such as the number of pinch zoom interactions, or two finger swipes that take places. That can illustrate UX design problems, where you may have intended one thing, but your users perform another.

Crash Analytics



Following their acquisition by Twitter, Crashlytics now offer enterprise reporting tools absolutely free.  Their platform helps mobile developers understand where and why application crashes occur, and help iron out the bugs that disappoint users and leave them with that unhappy feeling.

With real-time reporting, and infrastructure to handle everything you can throw at it, Crashlytics breaks down the technical messages received from your app- even going as far as analysing the stack trace provided to highlight the relevant source lines that matter, helping you find bugs faster and get them resolved. Priority issues are identified, (i.e. the ones which are affecting the highest number of users) so you can get to work on the pressing bugs first. An amazing framework and platform that every mobile developer should be investigating to get better understanding of where bugs exists, and how to get them fixed faster.

App Performance Analytics

URL: http://www.distimo.com


Distimo, offer a full platform solution for mobile application metrics, including App Analytics which focuses on app store metrics such as Downloads, Revenue, Reviews, App Store leaderboards and Benchmarks against other applications in the same vein.  If your mobile application is a money spinner, then its a much higher level dashboard of performance, aggregating information from around the web to give a picture of performance of your app. You can for example make decisions on where to spend money, based on app distribution, or find out where you app is most successful.

Download estimates are available for any app, enabling you to analyze your market share and compare your downloads to your competitors’ in one chart. Events such as price changes, featured listings and updates are also included, allowing you to analyze the influence of each event on downloads.

Aside from downloads, revenue estimations are also available, enabling you to analyze revenues for any competitor by country. Track where your competitors’ revenue comes from every day – by country, product and business model.

Real time Analytics

URL: http://www.localytics.com


Supporting both online and offline interaction, Localytics offers real time data reporting at every stage of your app usage allowing you to see anything related to your apps in a matter of seconds rather than hours or days. If your application is built in a modular way, that helps you as a developer to make changes on the fly, and adapt with how the market is reacting right there and then.

Localytics have also accurately identified that pageviews are not as important in a mobile app as visitor flow – and so have adapted their product to accurately measure the paths and screenflows through your app.  If you are heavily focused on getting conversions that’s a gold mine of information.  This drill down helps you see how visitors are moving through checkout processes, and where they are getting stuck or confused , ultimately helping you make decision on UX which needs improved or changed.  Not only that, but the solution also offers a full A/B testing framework which includes user segmentation and funnel management, making it a heavy hitter for mobile app optimisation.

Notable Mentions

URL: https://hercules.io – mobile A/B testing framework

URLhttp://dev.cobub.com – open source / free mobile analytics, includes crash reports etc

URL: http://count.ly – open source real time framework for mobile analytics

URL: http://www.flurry.com/flurry-analytics.html – free mobile analytics and funnel optimisation platform.

URL: http://apsalar.com – Free insights on drivers of users’ revenue, retention, and engagement indicators with features such as automated revenue tracking

URLhttp://www.appsee.com – user recordings, heat maps, in app analytics

URL: https://mixpanel.com – Funnel analysis tool for mobile and web.

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