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How to Enable Facebook Graph Search (UK users)

Paul Anthony / October 13, 2013

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Facebook’s Graph Search provides users with a new, more natural way to find out things within your social network. For example – want to find all of the photos that your friends have liked? Or all the pages that they like? Think natural language search, and you’ve pretty much got the idea.

Coming up on holiday season this is providing a wealthy of Christmas gift ideas for friends that I would otherwise have been stuck on. Although I’ve requested to be part of the Beta for some time, it wasn’t until recently that I discovered you can enable it much quicker with a simple change to Facebook settings. If you are in the UK , and want to gain access quicker to Graph Search, there’s a simple hack you can do to turn it on and experience the joy that our US counterparts have already discovered.

1) Firstly, select the cog icon.

Then select ‘Account Settings’


2) Change your language to US English


3) Save changes. 

Your done. Graph search should now be enabled.



Hat tip to Pat Phelan via Facebook.

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