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Why Marketeers should care about Google Analytics Demographics.

Paul Anthony / October 26, 2013

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If you have already spotted it, some funky new reports are available for Google Analytics – Demographics. This now gives access to new data that Google collects from your visitors as they browse the web and are tracked by Google’s advertising cookies.

With the new reports, you can now get access to a whole plethora of new information such as the Age of your visitors, their Gender, and Interests. For anyone interested in creating new content, and shaping it to fit the needs of your audience, some of this stuff is a pure goldmine. The data here is not perfect, but it is broadly indicative of your audience profile, and is the sort of thing commercial entities have been charging big bucks for previously.  Now virtually any report that you’ve previously created can now be segmented by these three new data points.

Interestingly, some Startups have been offering this kind of data integration for a while, and Google themselves have even previously promoted the UserReport service on their own blog. Now, they are simply offering it natively themselves within the product.


For Ecommerce Sites

Coupled with Conversion Tracking, Webmasters can now see the types of visitor coming to their sites, and explore which ones are converting better. You can even dive down further into these affinity categories, and even see whether men or women are converting better on your site, or indeed which content and / or products are engaging particular age groups and make them spend longer on your site.

For A/B testing

If you are using Content Experiments ,and have setup A/B testing with Google Analytics – the new Demographics segments will also be able to tell you how differently each of the various versions of your site perform across ages and genders. So if you are considering whether to use an image of an elderly couple or a younger one to see if it makes a difference on your landing page, these new data points will be fantastic.

For Content Marketers

I can see for example that this blog content caters strongly towards the tech audience of guys between the ages of 25-34. Interestingly, older age groups spend longer on the site.


When it comes to creating new content, particularly if your site is e-commerce driven, demographics now let you see for any content you’ve created previously. I’ve created this Report for viewing all of your content, and then being able to dive down into whether firstly it is engaging a male or female audience, and subsequently after that, what age group it is appealing to.

For Advertising / Remarketing

If you are running PPC campaigns to drive traffic and sales, then demographics should matter. Within Google Analytics’ remarketing feature, you can now use these data points to target particular audience types.

So, for example, if you discover that the Sports Fans category for ages 65+ is under performing significantly, you can create a new remarketing list within Google that offers bespoke creative and call to actions directly to that audience. That’s pretty powerful stuff all things considered.


Implementation does require changes to your privacy policy as per this Google Help Article, but is a simple one line of code change from a technical perspective. The full implementation Guide is available both within Google Analytics Under ‘Demographics’ or at this Google developer page. Definitely worth exploring no matter what kind of publisher you are.

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