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Zapier – Automate Your Business Workflow

Paul Anthony / November 19, 2013

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I’m a big fan of automating workflows. A previous post of my own shows some of the social media recipes you can use to take content and repurpose it in different places around the web. That can have positive SEO benefits, both by having a presence on (another) URL around the web in a Google search result, and by automating your link building overall, not to mention the growth of an audience on various platforms.

In a similar vein to IFTTT – automation startup Zapier have taken the concept and applied it to webapp APIs. So where IFTTT allow you to automate channels such as Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook and others. Zapier have concentrated on the web based apps such as Zendesk, Freckle, Github, and a whole bunch of othersThis page lets you select the apps you use, and see what recipes are available for them, or you can come up with your own depending on your needs. Some of the more interesting automations include things like saving Evernote to Google Docs, sending Stripe to MailChimp and Google Drive to WordPress to name but a few.

There is of course overlap between the two services, however you can see exactly what direction both services are going by signing up. IFTTT is a much more consumer market focused, where as Zapier,  is more appropriate to the enterprise. There’s also some limitations unless you are on the paid for plan with limited access to some of the services.  Still, its definitely a useful tool to have up your sleeve for anyone who is a frequent user of web based systems to run their business.

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