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SmartClock – Internet Connected Digital Metrics At Your Fingertips

Paul Anthony / November 20, 2013

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URL: http://www.smartclock.co.uk/

As the “Internet of things” trend continues to gather steam, more and more companies are innovating with cloud connected physical devices that connect the web with the real world.

Smart clock from Smart Atoms is designed to deliver  business metrics, and Analytics data direct to your desk. Whether you are interested in real time data from Google Analytics, or measuring App Store figures on launch day, SmartClock  provides a way to showcase whatever metrics you are interested in, in a single physical digital device.  There are a variety of applications of such a product. For example, retailers can choose to showcase Facebook likes, or Twitter messages on the device, in their shop providing a connection between the messages they are communicating to customers online, offline.  Startups and business owners can keep track of detailed business metrics without logging into any web browser or Analytics package. It’s like a digital dashboard of business intelligence.

With an API available, SmartClock is capable of displaying any information of your choosing, so if you have programming experience you can pretty much talk to any cloud connected information stream around the web.

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