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Hooks Alerts App Review – web alerts for everyday life

Paul Anthony / April 12, 2015

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URL: http://www.gethooksapp.com/


I’m a big fan of applications which automate the monitoring of other services around the web.

Google alerts, Mention, Hyper alerts I’ve tried a fair few.

Extending the concept out a bit further, new mobile app ‘Hooks’ provides a way of being a bit more specialised in the information online that you are trying to monitor. Think IFTTT meets Google alerts, where you can configure custom push alerts directly to your mobile.

Just some of the data points you can monitor include things like:

New tv show aired
New YouTube video on a channel published
New vulnerability in iOS
Rain alert
Temperature drop alert
New music / band / event
Website down monitor
Google search results changed
Alexa rank changed
NFL results
Twitter search result
Product hunt by keyword
Hacker news by keyword

..and loads more.

The ability to add custom RSS feeds adds an extra layer of flexibility too. It really is a clever bit of kit. If you frequently find yourself returning to checking for new content on any of the above, or enjoy keeping abreast of stuff as it happens on the web, hooksapp is a definite go download.

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