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Is Medium just another trojan horse social platform?

Paul Anthony / October 13, 2015

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It makes absolute sense to distribute your content as far as you can when content marketing. Over the last year or two, we’ve seen more socially connected blogging platforms emerge as the new pretenders to the blogging throne. MediumSvbtle, Cowbird, LinkedIn’s publishing platform, Facebook notes all with the primary aim of building a more social experience around content, keeping visitors more engaged, and ultimately building businesses off user generated content. I’ve had a play with some of them recently, and can see the attraction. Medium in particular is a damn good product.

It’s a smart move. Reduce the friction to getting started, and Joe Bloggs non technical people will gladly find joy in reaching an audience, that doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Remove the friction to finding an audience, and you’ll have the everyone jumping ship from WordPress and indeed their own lonely platform.

Interestingly, Medium announced a couple of days ago, a new Publishing APIUndoubtably, we’ll see loads of bloggers who have flirted previously with publishing on Medium, now going all in. Just by installing a plugin. Sounds tempting doesn’t it?

“Fantastic! I hear you cry, now I can have my cake and eat it! I can publish on my blog, and reach a whole new audience on Medium”

Just like when Twitter opened their API for you to build whatever you wanted, growing the platform to astronomical heights before cutting developers and third party clients off at the knees. Yes Ev, hard to forgive and forget on that one.

Call me sceptical, but this smells to me like a trojan horse growth hack. Medium gets your content, social traffic from Twitter, links for Google AND gets to interact on top of your content on their platform, and then stops third party API interaction at the flick of a switch.

Where do I sign up?

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