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Guess what. You don’t deserve to rank number one.

September 30, 20150 Comments

If you work in the digital sector at all, you’ll have experienced the wrath of the age old SEO complaint from clients: My website isn’t in Google.  Translated roughly to: My website isn’t at the top of the search results for whatever competitive phrase they have decided to fire at the search. The inconvenient truth […]

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Things I Learned Building my first SaaS Product.

August 28, 20150 Comments

  Some of you will already be aware that my time has recently been spent been coding away on this piece of software for holiday management. It’s a lot of fun starting from scratch with absolutely nothing, and ending up with a site that has already started to serve a customer base. Here’s the 30 second elevator pitch. If […]

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Living the indie web

May 11, 20150 Comments

  For publishers and bloggers social media now presents a double edged sword – with a twist few saw coming. Craft your content and share on social media they said. Myself included. This month, the beast has turned. With instant articles Facebook has turned into the world’s largest publisher, with a view to hauling in […]

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Facebook Marketing Hacks to Increase Your Reach.

May 6, 20150 Comments

As with any marketing platform online, there are ways to leverage the amount of traffic you get from them. Facebook in particular is notorious for the increased amount of effort (and creativity) brands need to put it to get results from it.

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Forget Mobilegeddon, Speedmageddon is the algorithm update you should be worried about.

May 2, 20151 Comment

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll have noticed that Google have recently rolled out a mobile friendly algorithm update, giving websites which have a mobile friendly user experience a ranking boost in the search results.

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23 WYSIWYG Editors that make editing your content a breeze.

April 25, 20151 Comment

So you want to build an amazing project? Try these WYSIWYG editors to make editing content for your end users even easier.

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Focus. Playlists for Coding.

April 14, 20152 Comments

  Whilst some prefer total silence to concentrate, personally I find particular soundtracks work better when trying to get into ‘the Zone’ when writing code. Thankfully, the web provides plenty of playlists freely for Spotify and other radio station alternatives to make getting up and going and back at it that bit easier. I’ve grabbed them here […]

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Hooks Alerts App Review – web alerts for everyday life

April 12, 20150 Comments

URL: I’m a big fan of applications which automate the monitoring of other services around the web. Google alerts, Mention, Hyper alerts I’ve tried a fair few. Extending the concept out a bit further, new mobile app ‘Hooks’ provides a way of being a bit more specialised in the information online that you are […]

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App reviews? We don’t need no stinkin’ App reviews.

April 12, 20150 Comments

When it comes to mobile applications, the app stores of Google and Apple are, for most, the first port of call for critical review and helping to determine whether something is worthy of downloading. Added to that, mobile App Store SEO relies heavily on positive review scores to rank applications higher in the results, bring […]

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The Art of the Startup – CS183B at Stanford.

October 24, 20140 Comments

I’ve previously written on the magnitude of resources available for teaching yourself anything online, but there’s also a plethora of information on the web surrounding online business.  Seed accelerator program  YCombinator have recently thrown their hat into the ring with an entirely online course on startups provided through a partnership with Stanford University.  CS183B, or How to Start […]

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